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The Importance of the 4 Ps

If you are a marketing fanatic like myself, then you’ve heard about the “Marketing Mix” coined by Professor Neil Borden. If you haven’t, do not fear, we are here! 

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Cold Calling in 2017: The Do’s & Don’ts

"I love when I receive cold calls!" said nobody.   Some people will tell you that cold calling is dead. However, it is still implemented in sales strategies for many businesses such as: Uber, Twitter and other large companies like them. With that being said is it...

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7 Simple Tips to Success

Planning an event can be a daunting task. Any errors can come with some serious repercussions for your mission and potentially your brand.

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The power of FREE!

If you're like me you enjoy every free sample that is given to you even if it's something you don't necessarily need--if it's free I am taking it! When businesses hear the word "free" I just imagine when looking at them the exterior they're looking calm and collected...

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5 easy tips to be the successful salesperson!

Every business has many important aspects that contribute to the success of the business. From manufacturing to product development, customer service all the way to the first meeting with the salesperson. Outbound or inbound sales strategies is continuously changing…

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What is Customer Experience?

Businesses may have a high-quality product that meets all the consumers needs, but if a customer gets a broken product that isn’t fixed, their perception of your company as lower quality then becomes the reality. Everything a company does contributes to how consumers percieve it, and therefore to the overall customer experience…

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