Deluxe Counter


  • Perfectly designed pop up counter to promote your brand in a modern and fashionable way
  • Ideally used to display your products or as a trade show welcome point
  • High Quality pop-up counter made of an aluminum frame, a hard surface countertop with a magnetic wrap-up around vinyl sheet
  • Includes an inner shelf capable of holding up to 20 lbs
  • Quick and easy assembly, and packs down into a neat carrying bag
  • An elegantly finished countertop is perfect for such events, including: tradeshows, conventions, conferences, in-store or on-site demos and more
  • Printing graphics cost extra

The Deluxe counter is an exceptionally elegant, and stylish, portable display table that is ideally suited for promotion and demonstration events or a trade show booth as a focal point for visitors. This display counter could also be used at the an exhibition to give away samplings merchandise or used as a data entry point. Most of our customers are buying this great looking quality counter stand with their trade show booth because of its fashionable appearance, well-designed shape and hard surface countertop.
The promo counter is constructed from a pre-assembled collapsible aluminum frame that will pop up to set. easily pops up. Installation of jumper joints will connect the frame sections to make the demo stand stiffer and stable. The hard surface is an MDF foldable, wooden or acrylic finished countertop board with a vinyl wrap-up around sheet fit perfectly to for an attractive look. The kiosk comes complete with internal shelving and printed graphic panels. This pop up counter is a substantial size, yet still provides a lightweight solution. The display counter is quick and easy to assemble and packs down into a neat carrying bag.
Compliment your display counter with promotional items to hand out to visitors. It is a great way to increase engagement interaction with visitors and leaves a lasting impression.

The Deluxe Counter includes:
– Aluminum collapsible frame
– Hard surface countertop
– Magnetic vinyl wrap-up around sheet with printed graphics
– Carrying Bag


Package Dimensions:

40''(W) x 17''(W) x 9''(D)

Product Dimensions:

51''(W) x 31''(H) x 16''(D)

Countertop Dimensions:

51'' x 16''

Product's Weight:

37 lbs

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