Port-A-Bar Counter


  • Large portable counter set with lots of multipurpose uses
  • Oversized countertop space ideal for entertaining
  • Including sink with wand
  • Ideal for poolside party, backyard festivity or beach entertainment
  • Collapsible into 3 flat carrying cases
  • Quick and eEasy to and quick to set up
  • Printing graphics cost extra
  • Description

    This spacious and multipurpose portable bar counter is another of our in-house designed counters configuredation for yard events, or poolside party or beach entertainment.
    This interlocking modular three-piece durable high-density polyethylene portable web-bar comes complete with all accessories including a sink, spray wand, heavy duty wiere shelves, custom-fitted food safe cutting board and high tensile structural support brackets.
    Product includes:
    – 1 pc of Basic Counter
    – 1 pc of Sink Counter with spray wand
    – 1 pc of Mini Counter
    – 2 pcs metal wired shelves


    Package Dimensions:

    42''(W) x 22''(W) x 12''(D)

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    Parts & Accessories

    Steel wire shelf
    Cutting boards
    Sink with spray wand
    Support brackets
    Ice bucket
    Sliding back door

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