Sidewalk signs

In our sidewalk sign category we gather a unique and very interesting outdoor or indoor portable signs that can allow you to display important messages to your customers or by-passers. Portable signs offer a wide collection of portable sidewalk signs, sandwich board signs, A-frame signs, wind spinning signs, stationary signs or just a plastic based that can be filled with water or sand to hold the signboard.

Quality and Durability
These portable signs are made from a variety of materials like metal, plastic, wood or aluminum. The sidewalk signs are quality products that are very durable and stable.

Most of the sandwich board signs are designed to easily replace the inserts to change the message instantly. Inserts come in variety of sizes and materials. You’ll have many options to display your message with full colors graphics or the chalkboard or dry-erase board and with interchangeable letters.

Sidewalk signs are great products to draw the attention of by-passers. They specifically design to change or amend the message simply and quickly. Most of the signs are waterproof and are ideal when displayed on a sidewalk of restaurants, deli stores, bars, dealers, travel agencies and public centers.

Parts & Accessories

Steel wire shelf
Cutting boards
Sink with spray wand
Support brackets
Ice bucket
Sliding back door

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