• Economical and sturdy sidewalk sign
  • Durable and very stable outdoor sign
  • Able to fill up base with water or sand
  • Easy to change inserts
  • Insert size: variable
  • Description

    This sidewalk sign is an our simplest portable sidewalk sign. The sign comprise of plastic base with the ability to quickly attach a insert up to 3/8″ (10mm) thick. The insert is not included, but can be order additionally. The base is easy to set up by simply filling it with sand or water and is weatherproof. This outdoor sign will withstand any outside condition all year round. It is able to hold a variety of insert sizes, shapes or thickness. It will hold only one insert but with graphics on both sides, it will outperform other signs where you need two inserts to deliver the same message.
    This is a great method for any outdoor direct marketing, product/service marketing, experiential marketing or event.

    Product includes:
    – Plastic Base (fill with water or sand)
    – Built-in Handle
    – Screw Mount


    Product's Dimensions:

    20''(W) x 6''(H) x 14''(D)

    Package Dimensions:

    20''(W) x 16''(H) x 6''(D)

    Insert Dimensions:

    24'' x 36''

    Product's Weight:

    3 lbs

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