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Promo Stands

Our promo stands have been specifically selected to enhance the experience with engagement marketing projects, while at the same time providing excellent brand recognition. These promotional and demonstration stands have a similar usage with our other products category of Pop Up Counters. As a promo and demo kiosk, these stands deliver the message to customers in various occasions of experiential marketing/guerilla events. These pop up stands have been designed to stand out and receive attention in order to draw customers to your display stand giving you the ability to interact with prospective clients.

Quality and Durability
Each promo stand is manufactured from rigid and durable materials to provide quality and longevity. Furthermore, the promo stands are lightweight and require no tools to assemble.

Also, these stands can withstand frequent assembly and dismantle from its durable material, while being stored in a flat carrying case or nylon carry bag for excellent storage and portability.

These stands can be supplied with vibrantly-colored printed graphics for perfectly individualized brand awareness while having the ability to interchange the graphics.

Our customers use these portable promo stands mostly for product sampling, promotional events, demonstration events, in-store promotions, tradeshow presentation, experiential marketing, exhibition counter, pop up counter, guerilla marketing and much more.

Parts & Accessories

Steel wire shelf
Cutting boards
Sink with spray wand
Support brackets
Ice bucket
Sliding back door

About Us

We are fully integrated designer, manufacturer, and distributor of innovative portable displays and signage for Point-of-Sale, Point-of-Purchase, Exhibiting, and Special Events. Pro-tect Plastic proudly provides display solutions for clients throughout the world.